” Il suffit d’un bouquet de lavande pour qu’il vous soit parlé, et en un langage d’une étrange densité, de ces libertés essentielles qui sont le charme de ces terres de Haute Provence”


“It only takes a bunch of lavender to feel talked to, in a tongue of an unexpected intensity, about those essential freedoms which make High Provence the rare land it is.”


Jean Giono, Provence

Late summer prompts childhood reminiscences of my home land, back in the south-east of France: Provence!

Comes July in the small settlement of Valensole, and that’s when they start cutting lavender, the purple velvet of the land, the violet gold of Provence. I have stridden this high plateau times and times again, walking in the steps of Jean Giono and Frederic Mistral. Memories bubble up by bricks … The last time I walked across these fields was with a soulmate, some 10 years ago.

Techniques: Processing, Pixelmatr, iMovie

Soundtrack: La Gloire de mon Pere, Vladimir Cosma

Original picture: From there.


The making of:


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