Home and centre

wiTHOut any kNOwN warning …
alTHOugh we tried hard to imagiNe a life of our OwN,
THOugh NO oNe told us otherwise …

here we are … in THONON!

my ancestors grew up in auTHON, near bayONs.
and she was born in NOTHingham …shall we go ON?
faTe it is, tHat brOught us oN thOse Northern shores

THONON it is: Home and centre.

Techniques: Processing, Pixelmator

Another of this amazing sunset on Lake Leman, from our new found home in Thon-Les-Bains. It prompts a train of thoughts about the chain of improbable events that led us here. Reality can be beautiful or harsh at times, but either way it is weaved by a complex web of subterranean flows and interactions, that we can only try to decipher in the moment, or retrospectively.

Overlay effect courtesy of Samuel Yan

To the point of a secret code of Nature presiding to human destiny, I found this DNA-like and Matrix-like animation on Open-Processing, and I simply used it as a triple overlay on a picture taken from my iPhone 12.

Sunset in Thonon-Les-Bains, August 2022 – Picture by Quad Damage