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I am a French Australian digital artist living in Sydney. A civil engineer by education and a digital expert by trade, I came to Australia 10 years ago as a way to travel to myself.

Among the discoveries I made here, there is this artistic persona in me, who has been passionately bleeding emotions and ideas on the web, under the pseudo of Quad Damage.

For 4 years now, I have been exploring the possibilities of code based and audio based generative art, using a variety of programming languages, 2D/3D animation software, and real-time rendering and capture technique. I primarily produce animated content I call “panimating”, a contraction of “Animated Painting”. I also extract the essence of it in static visuals.

My actual name does not matter I guess , on these pages, I am Quad Damage, a pseudo I chose as an acknowledgement of nearly forty years of hardcore gaming and coding.

The Quad Damage was the ultimate booster you could get in pioneering arena game Quake.

The Quad Damage

Such a geeky trajectory has eventually led me to make a living, and today I still am an IT professional by trade. However, scratch the surface and you’ll find out more about what keeps me awake at night, when not my family or my job: Cosmology, creative writing and digital art are just a few.


I was ten years old when I stumbled upon the Conway’s game of life, and it struck me real hard. I guess it left some form of inner retain impression, and across the course of my life as a man, a professional, a husband and a father, I came back on many occasions to the raw and naked aesthetics of mathematics and algorithms.


This is probably why I’m throwing today these pages on the web, as a casual and anonymous adventurer and explorer of new digital horizons.

Who am I? Just a free man eager to always explore further and understand better the World around me and my human brothers. Where am I going? I am set for a journey towards the confines of the cosmos, hopeful that thanks to the nature of coding I may crack the code of Nature.

Nothing less please!

Sydney, May 2019

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