Deep Sheet

Deep Sheet

Deep Sheet

This is on! Computer 2 – Man 0
Another milestone achievement for AI just began in Seoul, with Google’s Deepmind Alphago challenging 9th dan world champion Lee Sedol in a 5 matches series.

This is the story of the inevitable ascent of ASI: the Artificial Sentient Intelligence. My take on it? Amongst the world acclaims of hope and opportunity for Mankind, I think we are unfolding a scary folio of cosmic history … we are flipping a page … we are writing a new sheet of the universal score … a deep sheet.

By the way, this scene exactly represents the final position in the first game of the competition, which saw Lee Sedol giving up.

Techniques: Cinema4D, Daz3D, Pixelmator

More on the Deepmind program and the Alphago challenge:



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