The great turning away

The great turning away

The great turning away

#072 – The Great Turning Away (Static)

#072 – The Great Turning Away (Panimating)


What a crowd this morning inside the local abbey:
Slanderers and scoffers are swarming within the archway
Making it hard breathing and finding the right way,
To the far end altar, to the nearest stairway.

Exit! Through shore, by sea, I follow Hemingway,
Charting impossible routes from Sydney to Norway.
Alas, despite good guidance from the Milky Way,
I am quickly surrounded by drifters, all anchors aweigh.

Of reasons, and causes, and effects, there is a whole array.
But truth be told, as per the Book on a sunny Sunday,
Slowly, surely, and silently as always,
It’s unfolding under our eyes: The great turning away!

Quad Damage

Techniques: Hypnoglyph, Deep Dreamer, FX Photo Studio Pro, Pixelmator

HypnoglyphMore fun with video feedback again, and as I googled the concept I found a cool application for iOS named Hypnoglyph, by some english dude blogging under the name of IOTIC.

That prompted some device fingering and some time mind drifting. After a few minutes, I caught interest in particular shapes I spawned on screen, and this resonated with today’s Sunday school lecture I had ready for the kids.

Grabbing an interesting snapshot, I first processed the colours in FX Photo Studio Pro, and then I threw it to chew to the creative neural networks of Deep Dreamer. The outcome was quite interesting


Tuning colours in FX Photo Studio Pro

Finally, I pulled together a few lines inspired by 2 Timothy 3.



Dreaming some canvas matter in Deep Dreamer


The great turning away

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