#073 – Bluluru (Static)

#073 – Bluluru (Panimating)

Techniques: Vision of Chaos, Pixplant, Pixelmator

First experiment with video feedback in Vision of Chaos.

Vision of Chaos

The outcome is amazingly … aboriginal!

It all started with some white noise as a source of video feedback.

White noise

Iteration after iteration, patterns started to form, with blue turning out to the dominant color, courtesy of some random seed.

Somehow, this appears as a fait reminiscence of the background noise of the cosmos, this pattern the Hubble telescope can get from the far end of the universe, at the beginning of times.

The cosmic microwaves radiation background


Adding some volume in Pixplant

I am immediately taken outbound, outwards, outdoor … outback!

And over the silent and majestic shape of Uluru, I can figure out the jaws dropping celestial ballet.



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