Jac'A Random

Jac’A Random

Jac'A Random

#071 – Jac’A Random (Static Rendering)

#071 – Jac’A Random (Panimating)

It’s this time of the year again, and Jacarandas are blooming everywhere, turning Sydney into a velvet carpet of green and blue.

As I took a ride to the City for Friday drinks, I marvelled at the the incredible visual show spontaneously thrown by water, rocks, sun, jacarandas, brick and steel. Took a few pictures too, only pale reflections of my perceived reality, which spans from my guts to my brain. This tune on the sound system helped:

As the sun rises, I fire up Coge VJ and get into the zone

Techniques: Coge VJ, Soundspectrum Aeon, Project Milk Syphon, Pixelmator, Final Cut Pro


More on video feedback: The Softlogy blog (By Jason Rampe, the inspired creator of Visions of Chaos)


Jac'A Random



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