#090 – Polyfurnication (Static)


#090 – Polyfurnication (Panimating)

The beating of a million drums,
The fire of a million guns,
The mother of a million sons,


Sometimes people start to use a phrase or word that captures a moment of change. You hear friends and colleagues using it, and it starts to crop up in the media. One such example I’ve heard several times in the past few months is bifurcation, as a dry shorthand for the current momentous and disruptive transformations observed in various fields and industries. These days this mostly traces back to technology, and more specifically digital technologies, whose convergence exponentially accelerates the pace of innovation and change, sometimes reaching breakpoints in human organisations and cultures not yet flexible enough to sustain such rapid evolution.

Bifurcations are nothing new, they have always been the core mechanism in what we would otherwise call revolutions. In reality, bifurcations might well be an intrinsic principle of the entire physical universe, and rewinding back as far as to the first spark of Creation, in the modern universe inflation theory, the Big Bang itself is seen as the the primeval and decisive bifurcation leading to us.

Today, they are everywhere, everything bifurcates, constantly, day and night. And not only in the physical realm, but extending into the noosphere, into big data, virtual experiences and our alternate selves, reproducing old stuff while altogether producing novelty. It’s disgusting and mind blowing, it’s ugly and marvellous. A bloody polyfurnication!

Techniques: Chaotica, FX Photo Studio Pro, Pixelmator, Coge VJ

Soundtrack: Justice – Civilization

Transforming, composing and shading in Chaotica

Getting the colours and volumes right in FX Photo Studio Pro


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