Comms on a tear

Comms on a tear

Comms on a tear

#091 – Comms on a tear

Sometimes people are torn apart, and projected miles away from each other.

And sometimes, a tear forms in space time, and the unconceivable happens: They are coming closer to each other than they would have thought possible.

No device, no satellites, no marine cables, no internet network required. Just a wavelength in uncharted human frequencies. That’s how it works, it’s just comms on a tear.

To my brother Pascal, and all my friends overseas 🙂

Techniques: Fx Photo Studio Pro, SketchPixelmator

Original picture: Taken along the footpath by the creek

Working out volumes and sketches in FX Photo Studio Pro

Faking iPhones 6S Plus in Sketch and Pixelmator

Comms on a tear

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