Zigzags on Higgs eggs

Zigzags on Higgs eggs

#089 – Zigzags on Higgs eggs (Static)

#089 – Zigzags on Higgs eggs (Panimating)

Lost my balance, there’s a disturbance in the Yin Yang.
Panting and sweating, my head hits the door: Knock knock.
I am after serious shit, much stronger than chop chop.
Dark faces, wary eyes, probing hands let me in. “Hush hush…”
Keeping cool I slide through, and indulge in the chit chat.

Jah is great, He wanna love me. Makes my heart all tick tock.
“Yo! MC White Rabbit, you stocked up? Can you hip hop?””
“What d’ya expect from me, man, I’m just riff raff!”
Says the good doctor, bony fingers snapping “cash cash”.
I make a move, extend a roll, eyes go ablaze. Bling bling!

The substance is brown and greasy, kinda kit kat.
Swallowed by a velvet sofa, I watch and anticipate, yum yum!
Gauging, tasting, cutting… One bit at a time. Easy peasy.
Eventually I bite the bullet… Gosh! It’s a dum dum.
Good, coz’ I came for nothing less than a Big Bang.

Earth cracks open, on hallucinogen lava. Oopsy daisy!

Time has come to pay the ferryman, ding dong!
What follows is nasty, and blurry, it’s got me pif-paf.
Fiery flashballs boucing between my eyes, like a ping pong.
And flaming zigzags running on floating Higgs eggs.

What’s left of me? A freaking mish mash.
Served as a cracked egg in a bloody mary. Tchin tchin!
One more thing before total annihilation: Bye bye.

Quad Damage

Techniques: Vision of Chaos, Cinema4D, FX Photo Studio ProPixelmator

Seasonal delirium, about eggs.

In many religions, the world came out of an egg, or at least the first divinities. The Orphic Egg for instance, in the Ancient Greek Orphic tradition is the cosmic egg from which hatched the primordial hermaphroditic deity Phanes who in turn created the other gods.

Today, in modern cosmology, the concept of a primordial “egg” has been resurrected. The idea comes from a perceived need to reconcile Edwin Hubble’s observation of an expanding universe (which was also predicted from Einstein’s equations of general relativity by Alexander Friedmann) with the notion that the universe must be eternally old. Current cosmological models maintain that 13.8 billion years ago, the entire mass of the universe was compressed into a gravitational singularity, the so-called cosmic egg, from which it expanded to its current state (following the Big Bang).Georges Lemaitre proposed in 1927 that the cosmos originated from what he called the primeval atom.

There you go for the cue about a Higgs egg.

I played with Vision of Chaos again the other day, and was impressed by the beautiful flowing patterns of this 2D cellular automata algorithm known as Yin Yang Fire.

I thought that would make the perfect texture for a Higgs egg, and that’s what I did: Found an egg on 3D Warehouse, and I baked it in Cinema 4D.

Lava is a stock shader from Cinema4D Studio, called 70’s Fun. Reminds me of my early Aussie Warp.

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I also had to find a bagua and give it some texture in FX Photo Studio Pro.


The rest was just fine tuning in Pixelmator.

Soundtrack: Gramatik – The Culture

Zigzags on Higgs eggs

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