One night in Kangaluna

One night in Kangaluna

#110 – One night in Kangaluna (Panimating)

One night in Kangaluna

#110 – One night in Kangaluna (Static)

A craggy face in the dark, the voice of a Kahuna?
“Wisdom and truth await, get out of the doona!”
Este tipo de proposición es única y muy buena.

That’s it, I’m done. Kinda decision I wish I made soona’
I wrap, I pack and I’m off for a walkabout. Oh Fortuna!
Who drove me there, for one night, in Kangaluna.

Quad Damage

Techniques: Processing, CoGe VJ, Magic Music Visualisations, Pixelmator, FX Photo Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro

I slipped in a deep aboriginal dream the other night, and I think I went to a place named Kangaluna.

Where is Kangaluna by the way?

It’s a hypothetical remote camp site in the deep southern Australian Outback, a place where the aboriginal primal Dream is still very much alive.

Take a break … hop on a dusty bus … drive the less travelled road … reach the red banks of the billabong … light up a campfire … unfold your swag … lie down … and watch:

The jaw-dropping light show of Creation, on an open ended cosmic stage, right up, for your eyes only!

Let the cracking fire, the nervous crickets, and the the lazy frogs be your only soundtrack.

You have reached your destination.

Visual Studio Code has really become my new fave IDE for JS, Python, Processing and Unity editing.
Kudos to Microsoft

A simple tree generation algorithm in Processing

A Van Gogh style tracing algorithm, using Perlin noise

A simple lava GLSL shader rendered through Magic Visualisation and Syphon

Layering, shading and orchestration in my beloved CoGe VJ

Final rendering in Final Cut Studio Pro

One night in Kangaluna

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