Sin City

#111 – Sin City (Panimating)

111 - Sin City

#111 – Sin City (Static)

I’ve got a burnin’ feelin’
Deep inside of me
It’s yearnin’
But I’m gonna set it free
I’m goin’ in
To Sin City
I’m gonna win
In Sin City
Where the lights are bright
Do the town tonight
I’m gonna win
In Sin City
Oh, let me roll you baby!


TechniquesProcessing, CoGe VJ, Magic Music Visualisations, PixelmatorFinal Cut Pro

I woke up at the sound of AC/DC, the album is Power Age. And it is the song “Sin City” which stuck this time.

It made me think of Singapore, which is also casually called SIN city, and I had reminiscences of night reflections on its harbour.

This is the picture Google gave me to feed my craving. And suddenly, I had an idea …

I used a palette utility to extract the key colours from the reflections, pretty neat.

Then I played with this ant tracing algorithm, which I had the intuition would give me an interesting impressionist approach to buildings and skyscrapers silhouettes, to grow an abstract city skyline. Just had to tweak it to ingest the colour palette and fade the traces over time.


The rest was compositing in CoGe VJ, adding false water reflections with a VHS noise shader, wicked. And this is what I got in 3 hours of morning yoga.

111 - Sin City

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