Bad Moon

Bad moon

#109 – Bad moon (Panimating)

109 - Bad moon

#109 – Bad moon (Static)

Mate, can’t really explain this sad mood.
Feels like a summer season gone too soon.
Drifting and fading … Is it just Man’s doom?
Don’t tell me, I know, I sound like a loon.

But I am not mad! Jut a bit of a nomad.

Out of the cocoon, I am again on the gad.
No regrets nor comebacks, this ain’t no fad.
Crossing the desert, I reach to the launch pad.

Full throttle, I’m heading to this bad moon.

For better or for worse, this feels dam good!

Quad Damage


Techniques: Unity3D, Soudspectrum G-Force, Project MilkSyphon, Synesthesia

I’ve been thinking for some time now about going back to the 3D drawing board. Leaving aside for a moment Processing and my favourite 2D or fractal animation tools. I used to play a bit within Cinema4D back in the day, but what I am looking for now is some real time rendering stuff. Before I can get fully proficient with SideFX Houdini, I thought I would try again a few things in Unity3D. It’s got all the basics I need: 3D modeling, lighting, texturing and cameras management.

Inspiration comes in many ways, and this time I was triggered by this amazing mandala animation I randomised in SoundSpectrum Aeon.

It spun in the back of my mind for a few days, until I could marry it with the right audio-tune, one I heard in a recent Schirmchendrink mix, and called Fake Mood:

From this point I knew I would do something psychedelic, with 3D animated textures rendered in a 3D environment. I started to generate some cool textures through various means …

A sparkles texture in SoundSpectrum Aeon

Frantic lines in SoundSpectrum G-Force

Voronoi gemstones in Synesthesia

Giggling cartoon lines in Project MilkSyphon

Raindrops on a window in Shadertoy – Link

Rainbow witchcraft in Project MilkSyphon

With all these materials at hand, I opened an empty Unity Scene, and let my mind drift … what came up was lunar, with a sci-fi setting. I used a couple of free assets from the Unity Store:

And then it occurred to me, that what I was building was some sort of heathen megalithic temple, with Palantiri stones activated by the light of a bad moon.

This was a very insightful exercise to get familiar with Unity’s latest animation toolkit, and in particular the Cinemachine framework, with which I have done the base Camera animation.


109 - Bad moon

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