Now or never

Now or Never

Now or never

#107 – Now or never (Static)

#107 – Now or never (Panimating)

A dream gone too far, that reason won’t allow.
I thought I woke up, but it keeps spilling over.
Persistence of vision and emotions … Holy cow!
Is it fever, a tumor, or just a bad hangover?

I look for an exit, or a cord I can sever.
I am ready to repent and to take any vow.
Maybe what I need is a bit of a pow-wow,
With another lunatic, just a tad more clever?

Groaning, I reach to the emergency lever.
Clawing back to reality, I summon the Tao:
Last thing I need is to raise any eyebrow.
The blue mood disallows any question, whatsoever!

I am longing and yearning for something to endow,
With this raw energy that has been leftover.
If I am to break through and innovate somehow,
Well, let’s face it: It is now or never!

Quad Damage

Techniques: Chaotica, Final Cut Pro, Pixelmator

Life , if anything, teaches us lessons. Here you go for a purpose.

And one of them is a recurring one, at least in my own experience: There’s no point in living in the future, or as so many others do, living in the past. The best you can get is in the “NOW”!

Living in the past is about nostalgia, regrets, remorses … it’s about longing about things long gone and never to be again.

And casting yourself in the future is about fragile anticipations, high expectations and unreasonable assumptions. When you do so, you miss out, completely so, on the secret of happiness, which is to fully experience the present moment, and share it with the lucky few around you, involved against all odds in the same bubble of space-time as you are.

I am happily saying with Emily Dickinson, that Forever is composed of Nows!

So … really … whatever you have in mind, it’s now or never!

Now is when life unfolds itself according to universal laws, it is where creativity can truly happen and generate stuff according to our own will, it is the nexus where one series of “past nows” can bifurcate into countless “future nows”. It is where we see things as they are, make sense out of them, and give them a name, never to be unwritten.

This is a “Now” moment I am sharing here, when something unique was generated in front of my naked eye, and I saw it, and I named it.

And now it will exist forever: The Yegenetiornis, a chaotic bird of digital paradise.

Chaotica is an amazing tool of absolute visual poetry. Based on fractal and flame algorithms, it can indefinitely generate a variety of worlds and creatures. I have been wanting to use its animation capabilities for some time, and today I gave it a a go.

Generation of the Yegenetiornis in Chaotica

Compositing in Final Cut Pro

Soundtrack: Aurora, by JOBE


Now or never

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