Night Run

Night Run

#106 – Night Run (Static)

#106 – Night Run (Panimating)

My mind grows agitated, as the destination is getting nearer.
Darkness falls upon the road. Shit, wish I could see clearer!
Shivering and clutched, I dread what unfolds in the rear view mirror:
An ominous stormy horizon swallowing a fat and bright sun.

Street lights and neons spark up, as I drive through the neighbourhood,
Dispensing the promise of warm homes, cheerful chatter and hearty food.
But as I drift silently along the road, I only feel blue and screwed.
The memories of us ruining my mood. Shame, I was up for the right fun!

What happened? What dragged us that down? How did we get there?

Such a fun loving pair we formed, with nothing we wouldn’t share.
Two fleshes, two minds living in unison … until the dreadful tear.
After the marriage ring came the suffering, forgive the slight pun.

I remember the words we pledged, as husband and wife.

For better and worse, we now toss up between whip and knife.
Where love could be rife, there’s mostly trouble and strife.
Tell me darl … what’s the matter? Was it worth a fight hun?

Come on babe … shall we try? One more dance?

Can we talk it through, believe again? Is there a chance?
Maybe not so, it might have to end. Just like any sentence,
With in the guise of a period, the pop of a light gun.

I am wary of the grief, exhausted by the trials,

I have grown ashamed and sick of all those denials.
Hopefully, reaching oblivion is just a matter of miles,
As I’ll find out, faring away, on this overdue night run!

Quad Damage

Techniques: Processing, Final Cut Pro, Pixelmator

Night time yoga of the brain.

With the wind blowing up outside and dropping temperatures towards the autumnal standards, there’s a sense of urgency in the air.

Through the cracks of the fence, and the blinds on the window, the occasional headlights and brake signals of the passerby cars cast dancing lights on my glasses. It drags my thoughts into the sleepless night mindset, with an urge to pick up the keys and go for a drive on the roads of the darkening city.

Seen from above, the city never sleeps, really, and the unstopping ballet of cars, trucks and buses roaming its avenues traces scintillating lines hurting the sore eyes of the night owls. Even in the darkest and coolest hours before dawn, the roaring garbage trucks and the flashing hotel lights keep casting ghastly rays on the pavement.

The thought experiment is on, and I throw my virtual car onto a systematic survey of the city network of road. Autopilot.

The music is easy to find, and it’s simply titled “Night Run”, composed by René Aubry:

I run in Processing a modified version of the Substrate code from Jared Tarbell: Lines likes crystals grow on a computational substrate, and a simple perpendicular growth rule creates intricate city-like structures. A “sand painter” class adds a touch of watercolour effect to the whole thing.

The colours are randomly picked from the following ambient image:

Night Run

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