A language of the heart square

A language of the heart

#108 – A language of the heart (Panimating)

A language of the heart

#108 – A language of the heart (Static)

You see, I keep thinking that what we need is a new language,

A language of the heart.

Some kind of language between people…

Some kind of language that is a new sort of poetry…

It’s the poetry of the underground.


And I think that in order to create that language,

You have to learn how you can go through all people’s eyes,

Into another kind of perception.

You have that sense of being united to all things.

And suddenly, you understand everything!

A language of the heart.



It’s been a few months now since my last post. I don’t know … I guess inspiration was gone, and I was busy, in other compartments of my life.

And to tell the truth, I did not overthink it, confident that it would come back again, according to some mysterious inner cycle.

Old ideas had to settle, new emotions had to pop up, for different perspectives to open up.

It started with a couple of pictures I took over the past few days …

This piece of rock covered in sand glyphs, I found in Bouddi National Park.

I flew back from Melbourne last week, when I got fascinated by these fractal clouds drifting over Canberra.

These natural beauties sent my brain back into the arcanes of reaction-diffusion algorithms, and I scouted my software libraries to play again with them.

Along the way, I discovered an amazing piece of software for the Mac VJ sleeping in me: It’s called Synesthesia, it is drop dead simple and comes with gorgeous visualisations, including some based on Gray-Scott diffusion. I started to play around …

First steps with Synesthesia

The last piece to crack my mental lock was a cool piece of music, and this time my many thanks go to Britta Unders, and the amazing set her recently delivered at Burning Man 2018.

Original song from Noraj Cue, The End of the Beginning

A language of the heart

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