#105 – Asynchronous (Static)

#105 – Asynchronous (Panimating)


Techniques: Processing, Final Cut Pro, Pixelmator

I love Tosca, and I don’t think I have ever used one of their tunes to inspire my work yet. I downloaded this album of remixes the other day on iTunes, and I have been pouring it in my ears for about a couple of weeks … until one really stood out!

What’s about it? It’s hard to say! The nostalgic keyboards patterns, the sci-fi background, the alien vocals … It sends me far off, on a high orbit with escape velocity.

Watching the Earth from 100,000 feet, I contemplate the flow of my life, with its recurring patterns, never exactly the same though. The moments of stasis, and the sudden bursting momenta. The known paths … the bifurcations … at times reassuring, and then altogether shocking … the encounters … the surprises.

Suddenly, in the midst of the apparent chaos, the sublime and wonderful synchronicity. Like a supernova, it pulses highly energetic flashes towards the confines of the known universe, making sure it gets noticed by all living things, and imprints itself in the fabric of the cosmos, until the end of times. Isn’t that the most sophisticated and beautiful thing Life can produce?

I needed a meaningful visualisation for that, something procedural, almost like a cellular automata, who could randomly visually generate and represent this “ordo ab chaos“. Processing to the rescue one more time, thanks to the beautifully and dumbfoundingly simple code produced by my French fellow Pierre Marzin in 2014, that I hardly had to tweak to serve my needs.

I have fiddled with trigonometric equations, mathematical parameters, and let my mind drift for hours.

To finally obtain the unthinkable!

A sublime evocation of the improbable synchronicity of two living and loving beings … already, and inexorably unravelling along the entropic arrow of time.

Tempus fugit.



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