Charis Tsevis, cover for Womankind

Inspiration: TSEVIS

Charis Tsevis, cover for Womankind

Charis Tsevis, for Womankind issue #7

I took a slap in the face today … actually two, and maybe even three!

The day started simply, with a happy family heading to the Blue Mountains on a sunny Saturday morning. Along the way, we had a pitstop in Leura and could not resist the usual appeal of the local shopping street, and of the Megalong Bookshop.

Megalong Books

We picked our typical $50 of books, and were about to check out, when I noticed some magasines hanging in a remote corner. Coming closer, I felt a strange excitement rising inside me, and it only got more breathtaking as I flipped feverishly through the pages of the 11th issue of The New Philosopher, and the 7th one of Womankind. Both magasines promised from the cover brain teasing subjects, and offered within amazing arts and pictures. Both are quite thick, about 130 pages of rich coated paper, and guess what: 100% ad-free.  The same team is behind both magasines, apparently led by Zan Boag and Antonia Case. More on Wikipedia and here.

It’s been ages since the last time I bought paper magasines, but I can tell for sure that I’ll get a subscription to these ones straight away!

The New Philosopher 11 and Womankind 7

Now, looking more specifically at the cover of this quarter’s issue of Womankind, I have been really engaged by this patchwork representing an african lady. Looking inside, I am told this is the work of Charis Tsevis, an apparently renowned greek artist made famous for his numerous mixed art portraits. Having a look at his website, I must confess having been quite blown away by the rich diversity of the tracks he explores.  No doubts I’ll investigate further, what I already acknowledge as a major source of inspiration.

Charis Tsevis at a glance

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