Jesus 24/7

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Jesus 24-7

Sometimes you visualise it so clearly in your mind,that you just have to execute, and it spawns on screen.

Getting into the spirit of Easter, I wanted to draw something about the Cross, and what this symbol truly means for christians around the world. Not just the calvary of Christ, the sin of man kind on his shoulders, and his resurrection, but first and foremost the crushing defeat for the Opposer, loosing the elusive power he had on Death.

This is a modern setting, close to my own personal experience.

Techniques: Daz3D, Cinema4D, Processing, Pixelmator

The storyboard

Story Board


The incubus variation of Sebastian by FWA, I gave him some customisation and a nice pose in DAZ Studio: Tail, horns, pointy ears, some muscle, and an absolutely angry and frustrated expression.

Sebastian Incubus

The Devil is raging

Found a decent Kawa on Google 3D warehouse, I just had to bump up the definition of some textures, in particular the Pirelli logo and the front wheel parts, which were in close up on my composition.


disc1  body1

The rest has been about patient modelling, assembling, texturing and lighting. Along the way, I have collected all the textures and images I needed:

For the Jesus neon sign, I started from a low-res bitmap image, which I turned into a 3D OBJ file using a Processing algorithm I already leveraged for SHROUDED. Worked pretty well, in a blink! Just had to spend some time on lighting:

stock-vector-cross-of-christ-silhouette-237083593 stock-vector-cross-of-christ-silhouette-237083593-neg

Processing the logo in 3D


Here are some point of views from the 3D scene, which overall stays rather simple:

Jesus 24/7


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