#074 – Finaleppo

Techniques: Processing, Flamepainter

Aleppo has entered what hopefully will be the last days of a battle which has been going on for way too long. A real civilian bloodbath, scientifically orchestrated by the world’s superpowers, on a stage set to check who’s the biggest dog and who will be the next sheriff in town.

What a disgusting and pitiful drama. Such a waste, not only of innocent human lives, but also of silent and helpless attention from the blinded masses of our first world. As it readies itself for a tragic grand finale, Aleppo becomes another symbol of mankind’s hopelessness and self delusion.

Monday 12/12 update: 3 terror strikes around the world today: Istambul in Turkey, Cairo in Egypt and Maiduguri in Nigeria, where 2 young girls aged 7 and 8 detonated themselves, killing at least 17. I could as well have placed a satellite view of the world behind my digital strokes.


Aleppo in Google Earth

aleppo by night

Aleppo by night

Aleppo in Processing

Imaging what nightly Russian bombing could be in Processing


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