Waxing, mooning, flying foxes and further gibberish

Waxing, mooning, flying foxes, and further gibberish

Waxing, mooning and other gibberish

#47 – Waxing, mooning, flying foxes, and further gibberish


Another moon cycle is about to close. 99.3% complete according to the ubiquitous and all-knowing matrix.

Moon_Phases_for_Sydney__Australia_-_New_South_Wales_in_year_2016 2

The weather is still warm during the day, yet chilly in the evening and dewy in the morning. I love this time of the year, and marvel at the magical light show mother Nature blesses Sydney with. A few hours ago, I was driving through Lilyfield and had no choice but to park the car to capture the glorious moment.

And tonight, as I came home and parked the car, I was struck breathless by the silent show of an almost full moon rising behind the trees. How could I stay doing nothing about it, like I did not care or just pay attention? The picture below is is only a pale reflection of the beautiful reality, and fails to render the nocturnal ballet of flying foxes.

Waxing behind the trees

Techniques: Processing, FX Photo Studio Pro, Pixelmator

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 10.44.53 PM



I have rendered about 150 different unique images, before choosing one close enough to the emotions I had tonight.

Waxing, mooning and other gibberish

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