Press on, Preston!

Press on, Preston!

Press on, Preston!

Static rendering


Another low pressures Sunday, and here we are strolling in Sydney’s CBD, our feet randomly taking us to a cozy breakfast place in the basement of the Scot’s church. Strong coffee taste, stingy bacon and eggs smell and the sober decoration send me back in time, long before the digital age, some time between the wars, when Sydney was quietly growing hidden away from the turbulences of the “industrious” world.

With a full stomach and basic senses satisfied, drive around and stop by the NSW Art Gallery, definitely one of my favourite spot in the City, nested as it is in the unique green velvet of the Domain.

The Domain, Sydney


Among other things, and beyond the temporary exhibitions, I stumble upon her … again … at the shop. And just like two old friends, we look at each other smiling, without having to say much of a “hello”, at least in the first place. My fingers gently seek the contact of her surfaces , while my eyes marvel at the singular balance of her tritone makeup on black lining.

Margaret Preston Margaret Preston Autoportrait

Margaret Preston is long gone, unfortunately … but her legacy remains, across over 400 prints, paintings, woodcuts, linocuts, monotypes. And her most prominent work can be admired at the NSW Art Gallery. There’s so much to say … so many subtle emotions to convey, much more than meets the eye … I won’t even try here. Nearly purchased a book about her today, but I refrained, probably thinking that would be another good occasion to come back to the gallery!

For those keen to find our more:

A book on MP

My favourite works are these ones:

As I am working on the theme of ball pen drawings at the moment, I thought I would give Margaret a special tribute, using the 4 base colours black, red, green and blue. At first I just toyed with modern picture of Circular Quay …

Circular Quay Today

But then I though I’d up a little bit the game, with some processing procedural sketching fun. Code courtesy of Ben Fry, the beautiful mind behind Processing.

Press on, Preston!


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