The Hearth of the Sun

The hearth of the sun

The Hearth of the Sun

#094 – The Hearth of the Sun (Static)

Traveller… why are you flying around the sun?

For aeons I hover, struggling to find a pole.
Asudden, it knocks me, like the recoil of a shotgun:
On the surface, dark and wavy, finally: A hole!
Elated, I barge in, don’t you think this is fun?

Adventurer… this might well kill you!?

No ferryman there, or he has lost control,
And as I spiral down, I feel really spun.
Maybe time has come for me to pay the toll?
But in this quest at least, I won’t be outrun!

Explorer… what are you hoping to find there?

Ancient wisdoms inked on a hateful scroll,
Forbidden cyphers and foul mysteries to be shun,
That the evil one, Lucifer himself, once stole,
To deceive Man, and form weapons that can stun.

Defender! Do you see now, what needs to be done?

Flames torch my flesh, heat strips my soul.
But I cling to this hope, of fulfilling my role
To set the controls for the hearth of the sun.
And at last, for one eternal moment, I feel whole!

Quad Damage

Techniques: Chaotica, Pixelmator

The other day, the Soundcloud stream delivered to my ears this hypnotic remix by Bedouin of Pink Floyd’s “Set the controls for the heart of the sun”. I reckon this has now been looping in my headsets over a hundred times, it’s doing it.

I needed nothing else to start dreaming in Chaotica, about what the heart of the sun would look like. This magnificent forge where all the building blocks of life are synthesised, out of mere Hydrogen and Helium. It must be inhabited, if not by God himself, at least by its celestial host, including maybe the Demiurge himself, the Prince of the Air and Ruler of this World? More than a heart, it’s a hearth I may find there, and a sophisticated one, with rich and many controls, needing to be set right, for the Divine design to occur.

Chaotica is an amazing tool to generate algorithmic flames, and I decide to compose two for this creation.

Flame #1

Flame #2

The Hearth of the Sun

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