The ghost of Blaise

The ghost of Blaise

“All human evil comes from a single cause: Man’s inability to sit still in a room.”

Blaise Pascal


To face the challenges and trials of life, it sometimes helps to look back to the wisdom of past thinkers: Read through pages tediously written at the dim light of candles, and in doing so, summon their ghosts for a private, one on one and free of charges consultation.

This morning, I gave a buzz to Blaise … that is Blaise Pascal, one of the most prominent French philosophers, physicists and mathematicians. This brilliant dude lived in the early XVIIth century, and not for long! Turns out he died at the age of 39, due to his poor health. Which makes even more remarkable his achievements and his legacy. And flipping through his book “Pensées” (best translated as “Thoughts”), I threw at him the familiar question: Why is happiness so hard to find and to seize?

I got a flat answer, short yet meaningful, as written above.

More about Blaise Pascal:

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Blaise Pascal

Triangulation: Applied Delaunay triangulation in processing, courtesy of a great utilities from Ale Gonzales

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Delaunay triangulation

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Ghost fabric generated in processing as per

The fabric of the Cosmos

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The ghost of Blaise

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