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First 2 hour stab

Tribute to Jacques Poirier today, a French master of trompe-l’oeil whose paintings never cease to amaze me. Here is a selection of his work, courtesy of a fan.

Not only talented at depicting still scenes in an incredibly realistic manner, the artist likes to tease our brains, with inspired riddles and classic tales. On of his simplest his this one, reading in French:

“C’est dans un cas difficile qu’on voit les vrais amis. (Dicton Berbère)”

Meaning in English:

“You find your real friends in trying moments (Berbere saying)”.

Just woken up this morning, I decide to have a quick and dirty stab at it, learning a few things along the way, such as the best ways to model strings and to wrap paper. The simplest things …

Techniques: Cinema4D, Pixelmator

Quick and dirty means typos! And I found at least 3, did you spot them?

The original work (still far, but getting closer to it every minute!)

C dans un K

Rebus are very easy and fun to stage, here is one I cracked in 30min, simply using assets from Cinema4d and from Google 3D Warehouse:

Just Listen in case ...

Just listen, in case you wonder later!

And another 30min to finalise for my Deviant Art gallery:

Just in case ...

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