Prayer to St Mandelbrot

St Mandelbrot

Prayer to Saint Mandelbrot

Our father of new mathematical heavens, hollow are your sets.
Your equations be resolved, on computers as they are in Nature.
Give us every day your lot of surprises.
Take us to the complex plane, as Pythagoras led us into irrationality.
And whilst leading us into new infinities, preserve us from logical flaws.
For yours is the Julia set, and the fractal power, forever:
Zn+1 = Zn² + C

Benoit Mandelbrot is the modern discoverer of fractal geometry.

A massive field of study for applied mathematics today, in particular in the fields of biology, meteorology, and a truck load of other environment related sciences.

And incidentally also an incredibly fruitful playground for digital artists 🙂

For this special “prayer” to the founding father of fractal mathematics, I thought that the iconic site of Mont Saint Michel in French Normandy would be a suitable background. In this lanscape, pretty much all of the 5 key elements are fractal: Water ( the sea), Earth (the sand coastline), Air (the cloudy atmosphere), Fire (the sun), and finally the human element revealed through architectural constructions.

Techniques: Pixelmator

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