Leap sticks


Static rendering

Still yawning, I check my early morning mail notifications, to discover a patch update for Vuo: Version 1.2.1 is out and I decide to give it a quick look. Nothing major, just a few bug fixes and improvements along the way to 1.3. But that was enough to tease my brain, and to remind me that I still had to try this LEAP controller I got from eBay on Xmas.

Leap Sticks making of

Wake up! That’s the Laurent Garnier tune I throw through the speakers to warm me up. I place some dynamic waveforms as a background and start wiring up the LEAP api available in Vuo. After 30 minutes of mind drifting, I get something fun enough to share it here. My dancing fingers gently mess with the color waves, generating silly sticky shapes.

Leap Sticks

Techniques: Vuo, leap Motion, Screenflow, iMovie

Leap Sticks making of

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