Back to Square I

Back to square I

Back to square I

#58 – Back to square I

How many scrolls should we read?
How slowly should our mind bleed?
How much longer should we stand by?

In such untold circumstances,
I am taking my own chances,
Lest God carelessly roll a die.

Leaping away from trivial conventions,
Flying through imaginary dimensions,
I fall stunned by the beauty of Pi.

Crashing hard down to earth,
Limping, in hope of a new birth,
Here I am, back to square i.

Quad Damage

Techniques: Pixelmator, Matlab

Making of:

No 3D involved, just 2d visualisations of a complex function in Matlab, and some perspective distortions in Pixelmator.

Stone floor texture
Tiles texture 1
Tiles texture 2


Domain coloring in Matlab of complex function: fx

Back to square I

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