Sydney by Wine

A glass of whine

Sydney by Wine

It’s a rainy night in Sydney, and I am craving for a glass of rain wine, that the Easter fast forbids. You have to give up on something, and get some control back on your lower self, don’t you? That does not prevent you from being a little bit cranky though. There you go for the inspiration.

I started coding falling circles in processing to emulate the trajectory of a rain drop along a glass surface: Essentially vertical, with a little bit of noise sideways, and a vertical speed correlated with the size of the drop. After a few minutes of trial and error, I get something rather convincing. Then I pick a palette in a wine theme, a windows frame, a bottle, a glass …. that’s essentially it.



A custom ColorDrop class in Processing
A custom ColorDrop class in Processing

Screen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.56.24 PM

And of course, a suitable music: I tap in my all times favourites with this absolute classic from Shazz: Carry On

The animated version was the core purpose of this Processing experiment:

Raw media:

I stole the Sydney skyline picture from Genevieve Hattaway, whoever that is (Please forgive me!), and I processed it in Pixelmator before injecting it into Processing.


Sydney-Skyline 4

Techniques: Processing, Final Cut Pro

Sydney by Wine

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