A big splash

A big splash

A big splash

#077 – A big splash

The fateful outcome of a mere hull crash,
They dropped an anchor in Botany Bay,
On a warm and innocent summer day.

Who would have known back then …
Surely none of the peaceful local heathens,
That this would be such a big splash!

There are ripples in the sea of time,
And from an ancient past we hear the chime:
Memories are bursting up, in a flash!

Quad Damage

Techniques: Framentarium, Particle Designer, Pixelmator

It’s Australia Day today, the perfect occasion to enjoy a barbie, and to celebrate our multicultural nation. Under the gumtree, watching the clouds drifting towards the west and the waves rolling from the east, one might let his mind wander, and ponder on the state of the land before this big splash, when Captain Cook first dropped his anchor in Botany Bay. What an Eden on Earth this place must have been. The mere thought might leave one aghast.


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