Why Dark matters

Why dark matters

#113 – Why Dark matters … (Static)

#113 – Why Dark matters … (Panimating)

Is something really rotten in the kingdom of Denmark?
News are already feeding heretic columns in science papers.
What is this new craze? To which illusion do we embark?
One potty speculation, and Einstein’s work is in tatters?

See what it takes to arson the whole house? Just one spark!
Ideas from white-bloused necromancers, mad like hatters,
Words peddled by a sorry bunch of arrogant back-patters,
Only craving to leave on records their own pitiful mark.

Really brothers … nothing even moot enough to whip a quark.
So pay your Fathers due respect, by showing them some manners,
And stop indulging your ego with the hype that flatters.
From my common-sensed antipodes, let me phrase a remark.

Giving the universe its balance, this is no walk in the park!
The unity of knowledge we seek won’t come on silver platters.
The journey to the light essentially is a quest in the dark,
One for simple minds and honest souls, but barely for hackers.

So here are my 50 cents: Find yourself another tree to bark!
Get lost in parties, and cocktails, and your own vain chatters,
Write hollow autobiographies … or even join the “happy clappers”,
I don’t care! The cosmos keeps running on laws all set and stark.

And like it or not: Dark matters!

Quad Damage

Techniques: Synesthesia, Morphyre Visualizer, Shadertoy, Final Cut Pro, Pixelmator

They say that dark matter might finally not exist?!?! The news is coming from Southern Denmark. Seriously, is Denmark such big a country that you can distinguish a northern and a southern part?


Oh … my … God … what are we gonna do to fill the void this might leave? Dark matter is the theoretical explanation to so many things! More importantly, in our dichotomic culture, it is the legitimation of Bright Matter. So, why on earth would those heretics of cosmologists wipe it clean from their black boards?

We read that “by tweaking the laws of gravity on the enormous scales of galaxies, we may not actually need dark matter after all“. Hell sure! By tweaking the balls of my uncle, he might be mistaken for my auntie, ain’t that right?

To get rid of dark matter, those Danish necromancers in white blouses can go as far as suggesting that Newton’s law of gravity becomes irregular when the gravitational pull is very weak. Ironically, they call that MOdified Newton Dynamics, or MOND for short.

Mais c’est un monde!

Crafty to their toenails, their imagination enflamed by the Midnight Sun, the stargazers from Odense have pulled a spell they named “The Vainshtein Screening“, and they are theorising that each sufficiently dense, compact object in space generates an invisible sphere around it which determines how the laws of physics behave with growing distance, a sort of Space Bubble where laws of physics can be contingent.

Dark matter versus space bubbles: It did not take more to get my brain started.

The song is from Sam Scheme, and interestingly it is titled “To find the solution” … Yes! The solution to Dark Matter is what a whole world is currently looking for.

Why dark matters

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