The Big Blue Boids

As I am currently researching on Delaunay Triangulation and Bezier Curves based tracing, I pulled back from a drawer this very nice library for Processing, known as the Plethora Project. It comes with a host of mathematical utilities, flocking behaviours and Bezier niceties. I just could not resist playing again with a few boids.

The atmosphere is resolutely marine, and I throw two populations of boids in the water. The blue ones drift away like blue bottle jelly fishes, while the tiny yellow ones embrace a brownian movement, small particles of plankton eventually flocking together.

I thought that would feel even nicer with a suitable marine soundtrack, borrowed from Eric Besson’s “Le Grand Bleu”.

Selected stills

The big blue boids

The Big Blue Boids

Background image courtesy of Nobby Wagd, and customised for my needs:

Deep Seanery

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