Shot dawn in flames

Shot dawn in flames

Shot dawn in flames

#56 – Shot dawn in flames


Peace. From sleep to life there’s a realm of silence.
Motion. The whole creation shivers, stirs and groans.
Sting. First lights brand blinking eyes with persistence.
Flow. Gentle rays kiss cool flesh and warm up old bones.


It soars, young and mighty, one of the hidden dragons.
Though well expected, its wake not without consequence:
I’ve been craving for an energy, well now, on me it dawns.
I wake up, exalted and aghast, soaked up in Qian’s.


Quad Damage

Sunrises can be jaws dropping at this time of the year in  Sydney. Here are some recent examples:

Techniques: Processing, Particle manager, Pixelmator, FX Studio Pro, Final Cut Pro

Soundtrack: Silence – Delerium (1997) – Tietso’s “In search of sunrise” remix


Generating sun rays in Processing 2

Particle Manager

Adding particle systems with Particle Manager 2

FX Photo Studio Pro

Image distortion and color correction in FX Photo Studio Pro

Shot dawn in flames



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