That was the name of a game invented by a Swiss mathematician in the early 90’s


And it was quite clever and enjoyable. Pieces could be square or cylindrical, full or hollow, tall or small, striped or not, white or dark. Purpose of the game was to try to align as much pieces as you could with the same trait: Altogether amazingly simple and utterly brain teasing. I still have the original game in my shelves.


Today, I pay a tribute to such mathematical and ludic beauty … using shaders šŸ™‚

Hover and press play, hit “full screen”, have a drink, you wont regret it šŸ™‚

Sound track is courtesy of Alice Chiappero, in her latest issue of “Les sessions du Bastidon”. So love it, and hope you enjoy it.

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I also recorded the first few minutes as a video:

Techniques: GLSL on Shadertoy.

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