Out of the muck

Out of the muck

Out of the muck

#067 – Out of the muck (Static)

In some bland primeval soup, you sit like a duck.
Watching a Julia on the horizon, you sing Hallelujah!
By the time you stir up, you are thunderstruck.
At least you’re alive! That’s some bang for your buck.

Choking and spurting, you squeak “What the f…?!”
You are done playing the lady of the Camellias.
This daydreaming has only got you stuck.
Man up, and get yourself out of the muck!

Quad Damage

#067 – Out the muck (Panimating)

Rainy Sunday, and everything goes soggy on the cloth line and muddy in the backyard. Took our species a few million years to crawl out of the muck, and I am amazed to see how prompt we are to fall straight back into some shitty hole.

The quest for real time code generated animations continues, and as I dig out the demoscene archives, I find a few more interesting software to play with OpenGL shaders. GLSLHacker is one of those and runs nicely across Windows, Mac, Linux and Raspberry PI. It’s recently been rebranded GeexLab, and also ships with a great demo wrapper named Madshaders. Most of the shaders shipping come from our beloved Shadertoy gallery, and a few from GLSLSandbox. Definitely a great collection to keep at hand.

I started to play in Frax early this morning, until I found this fascinating cellular effect I chose to name “Out of the muck”

Frax HD


From there, I though I would stage something around this “cellular” theme, and write a few lines about it.



Out of the muck

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