Like an urchin

Like an urchin

#065 – Like an urchin (static)

Like an urchin
(A free variation of Madonna’s iconic tune)

I made it out of fractalness,
With a few drags and clicks it grew.
I did not follow any laws,
Just out of thin air and dew.

Take a sheet, make a pleat,
Twist and add, then you throw some hue.
And it looks so real …
Yeah it looks so real!
All shiny and new.

Like an urchin,
Spawned for the very first time.
Like an urchin,
When e-art knits very fine lines!

Quad Damage

We went in La Perouse last week-end, and had a nice spring walk to Henry’s Head and Cape Banks. There we found a few dead urchin shells on the rocky shores, and we marvelled at the ingenious beauty and beautiful ingeniosity of Nature in designing life forms. I would feel comfortable to tell any lady that she is beautiful like an urchin!

Back home, I thought time had come to give a fair go to this amazing piece of software, Ultra Fractal, to play some variations around the urchin case.

Techniques: Ultra Fractal, Particle Designer, Pixelmator

Starting image

Sea Urchin Skeletons

Fractal computed in Ultra Fractal 5

Computed Fractal

Ultra fractal 5

Particles in Particle Designer 2

Particle designer

Like an urchin

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