In Escher's eye

In Escher’s eye

In Escher's eye


In Escher’s eye


On God’s secret service, unveiling the majesty of nature,
You play a tiresome game, with a view to a chill,
As you strive to express things beautiful and pure.
A man with a golden eye, you need no license to drill
Into the fabric of cosmos, into Creation’s vault,
With fingers of gold, with outworldly thunderbolts.


On blank sheets of paper, out of ink, in a sigh,
For your eyes only, creatures are spawned:
You make them live and you let them die.
Lizards, birds, devils, angels of light,
Octopus and turtles, all pairs and bonds:
They turn into dancing tiles, in the living daylights.


If art was playing cards, in the cosmic casino,
You would be royal and diamonds, you would be ace.
When the world is not enough, to find a quantum of solace,
You try to climb the mountain, humming a familiar tune,
Pulling yourself up, with a rake, to the Moon.
To travel with you, Dr Escher, I’d never say “No!”


Skies might fall, your shapes of diamond are forever,
Your vision of space, today and tomorrow, never dies.
You wish you could live twice, come back as a spectre,
Filling another night working on prints, until sunrise.
My closing remarks are yours, wise and concise:
“He who wonders, discovers that this, in itself, is wonder!”


From Neverland, with love.


Quad Damage


A tribute to M.C. Escher today, a unique artist who continuously inspired me from the youngest age. Reminiscences popped up this morning, and I enjoyed an extended morning brain yoga session on his auto-portrait. His eyes are mesmerising, and I was compelled to pull back from my recent searches this inspired piece of Processing code from Steve Edwards.  Then one of my daughters came by, and casually mentioned that the resulting picture made her think of the iconic James Bond jingle, with the gun barrel. Obviously that stuck to my mind, and I let it drift along these lines.

More about Escher:


The making of

Techniques: Processing, Pixelmator

Escher's autoportrait  Image generated via Processing


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