Thank you for … nothing?

The year is 2022 …

The month? … Summer …

The state of mind? … Hazy, to say the least.

It’s been a bloody 30 months. Trying in many respects but lovely at the same time! It feels like I have been bounced around, from one corner of the planet to another… from a sea shore to a lake one… from a whirlpool to a conveyor belt … One constant: It is still boiling outside, the heatwave hits my nerves and my inner thermometer is rising quickly.

Today the voice rings in the back of my mind: “Wake up!”

Don’t you worry: I am going to wake the hell up.

Thanks Life, by the way. Thank you for … nothing?

Techniques: Chaotica, Pixelmator, FX Photo Studio Pro

The original Chaotica flame.