116 - Entangoed


116 - Entangoed

#116 – Entangoed (Static)

#116 – Entangoed (Panimating)

The Living Torch

They march before me, filled with light divine
Those eyes turned magnets by some angel wise;
They lead, my Heavenly Twins, good brothers mine,
Whose jewelled fires hold my gazing eyes.

They guard from every sin and error grave,
They show my feet the path to Beauty’s porch;
They are my servitors and I their slave,
Wholly obedient to their heavenly torch.

Enchanted eyes, ye have the mystic ray
Of tapers lit at noon: the fire of day
Reddens, but quenches not their eery glow:

‘Tis Death they sing, while ye extol the Morn;
Ye point the way and chant a soul reborn
Stars that no sun can pale nor overthrow!

Charles Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil
Translated by Lewis Piaget Shanks

Techniques: Silk, Fx Photo Studio Pro, Pixelmator, Final Cut Pro

Parsing the content of the iOS app store, in the visual design section, I discovered Silk 2, a wonderful generative art touch based app by independent developer Yuri Vishnevsky.

What a beauty! I just can’t stop tapping my screen, on my daily commute, with instrumental music in my headset. And here are just a few random images I have created in a few seconds.

Very rewarding. No coding involved, just one finger roaming on the glass. Although behind the scenes, there is a fractal flame algorithm at play, obviously, very similar to the one behind Chaotica, and certainly tracing back to the original Flam3 algorithm, originally written in 1992 by Scott Draves and Erik Reckase.

Using one of basic line symmetries, I eventually spawned an image generating a particular emotion, and I decided to craft it a little bit further, using my usual toolbox, FX Photo Studio Pro and Pixelmator.

The idea it prompts in my mind, is of two particle streams, generated at the same time and therefore entangled, as they spin out into space in two opposite directions.

Entanglement is a new concept in quantum theory, a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated, interact, or share spatial proximity in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently of the state of the others, even when the particles are separated by a large distance. Wikipedia.

Two such set of entangled particles are therefore united forever, and whatever happens to one of them at one end of the universe will inevitably happen the same to its other twin at the other end of the universe. United for life! United in the cosmic dance, united like two tango dancers … and from entanglement, I dare diverging 1 notch towards entangoement!

Adding some ripple glass noise and echo in FX Photo Studio Pro
The background is a wink at Jared Tarbell, and his Invader Fractals, generated in simple vertical symmetry. This image represents about 6% of the possible generations of invaders.
Stitching everything together in Final Cut Pro

The song comes from the 80’s, courtesy of My Mine, and it is titled “Hypnotic Tango”.

116 - Entangoed

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