Dogging the dots

Dogging the dots

Dogging the dots

Special request from my girl: “Dad, if you don’t like walking the dog, at least, you could dot it?

I thought I would do better than that: Not wagging the dog, but maybe … dogging the dots?

And here we go: After a few trials with a picture of Mona Lisa (type “L”), and of my cat Patchouli (type “P”), I have entered a picture of the dog, Mikka (type “M”).

Type any other key to switch on/off the original image.

The width of this blog might be too small, so watch it directly on Codepen:

See the Pen Dogging the dots by Lucas Challamel (@lucaschallamel) on CodePen.0

The 3 pictures available:

Techniques: Some very basic Processing, P5JS, Pixelmator


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