A Minor on my Neurones

A Minor on my Neurones

A Minor on my Neurones

#100 – A Minor on my neurones (Static)

#100 – A Minor on my neurones (Panimating)

A new year turns on the waltz of the seasons.
One more chance to break free from your iron playpen?
Be brave for a change, and show them some stones.
Stir out, stand up, switch on, be a free mind again!

I know what you think: All these unknown unknowns.
Question is not why, nor where or how … simply When?
The vision can be crushing, and chill you to the bones,
Just “never mind” it, or with the French: “Qu’à cela ne tienne!”

Come with me, ride the plains like a Cheyenne!
Would you rather climb a turtle’s back with the Hurons?
Miles and centuries away from big smokes, full of morons.
Name a waypoint: Venice, Cairo or Phnom Penh?

So what is it gonna be, your choice of timezones?
The waiting excruciates me, it bites like a cayenne
And throws this song, in A minor on my neurones.
Just say the words …

Quad Damage

Techniques: Processing, Project Milk Syphon, CoGe VJ, Pixelmator, Final Cut Pro

The new year 2018 is on, coming with its lot of expectations, hopes and resolutions. A particular year I feel, I foresee good things to come, people to meet, experiences to have and learnings to draw.

The fact that the year is a direct multiple of a prime could make it some sort of hinging year, as per the conventional Gregorian numbering system: 2018 = 2 x 1009. What happened in 1009AD? Not much, except for the fact that it was the beginning of the High Middle Ages. Then the year 1AD, marked by the birth of Jesus, at the heart of Classical Antiquity.

1009BC marked the beginning of the Iron Age, and before that, around 2018BC, beginning of the Bronze Age in China, the world saw some of the first dumbfounding constructions such as Stonehenge in England and Minoean palaces in Crete.

So here goes the question: What sort of age are we stepping in, without even noticing it? Some would say a new age, or The New Age, in a pathetic tautology. Yet there’s more to it, with powerful tidal forces at play, both in the crust and atmosphere of our planet, but also and most importantly in the hive mind of Mankind and the individual brains of over 7 billion people crawling on Earth.

Meanwhile, my own insignificant existentialist journey continues, and with it a host of unprecedented and unique interactions with souls and things whose spacetime bubble overlaps mine. And I keep my brain ready for that. Even though my neurones are ineluctably dying away, I have more than enough to dare and enjoy limitless new trains of thoughts in 2018. Today, at the turn of the new year, and possibly of a whole new era, there’s an A Minor tune flowing through them.

I started my explorations through Project Milk Syphon, and got caught by some line animations, which made me think of an electric pulse running freely through space, almost like a soliton. Something like a signal that could travel through the brain from neurone to neurone through synapses.

Day dreaming in Milk Syphon

Under the strong vision of a neuronal network, I considered the option of modelling a neurone in 3D in Cinema4D, but eventually found interesting mesh-like techniques in Processing, based on the Toxic Physics library, which I tweaked, animated and projected using Syphon.

A neurone-like icosahedron in Processing

I summoned more flames from Milk Syphon, and started to blend and animate everything in CoGe VJ. The tune used to give the beat is of course in A Minor, and comes from the Gimlet mix by Dance Spirit, at Schirmchendrink. The abstract is found at 9:30.

Panimating in CoGe VJ

A Minor on my Neurones

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