123 - The Hive

The Hive

123 - The Hive

#123 – The Hive (Static)

#123 – The Hive (Panimating)

Man! Seriously, it sounds pretty swag, this career I drive:
A corporate butcher, lenient with those, scathing with these,
Brokering threats and rewards, bringing some to their knees,
Blowing pipes and trading tricks all day, from nine to five.

Power is mine to exert, either to endow or at times to deprive.
Gliding in the decision spheres, herding hard working bees,
I fully relish the clarity of having a single master to please.
Somehow though I forgot… was there a finer way to feel alive?

Dawn to dusk, blueprints I devise, and strategies I contrive.
Although, to be honest, I feel numb, caught in a brain freeze,
My heart a bleak and barren wasteland that nothing can tease.
Wariness and doubts are seeding … a temptation to take a dive

I want out from this forge of madness where foul riches thrive!
An excuse, an exit, or a rescue … the next one I’ll seize,
Lest they annihilate what’s left of my soul, in a final squeeze.
Flapping my way up, I’ll soar into the light, out of the hive

Quad Damage

Techniques: Processing, CoGe VJ, Final Cut Pro, FX Photo Studio Pro

It all started with this picture I took the other day, as I was staring down the tower well, from the 14th floor of my company’s HQ building. The Hive, as I call it, as you can see the busy bees walking around, and the buzz of conversations reverberating across the aisles. I turned it pretty quickly into a black and white shot, and every person I’ve shown it to told me it really was a great shot. That’s why it’s popping up again on my screen this morning!

The Hive

I fired up iTunes to fish back this song from TiefSchwarz, a group of 2 german DJs, titled “Corporate Butcher”, and to which I particularly relate to, as I write these lines.

Starting Processing, I intend to use boidlike particles swirling around to represent money, ideas, and ultimately elements of culture, flowing between people, but also across the different floors of the building.

Boid-like particles in Processing – The basics

Orchestrating in Coge VJ, to add some sensitivity to sound, the colour is red, representing the fact that the origin and use of this money is not always the best. Likewise, human interactions are altered by the passive-agressive nature of the culture, leading to a culture of blame and oppression. No, this is definitely no healthy hive at the minute, and the little working bee I am is looking for a way out towards the light!

Assembling in CoGe VJ

A little bit of bloom and of sepia in FX Photo Studio Pro gives the final touch/

123 - The Hive