#119 - InstaQuad

#119- InstaQuad (Static)

“Foggy morning, finally getting into the spirit of the season! 
Most often, for things to be risen again, they have to fall first.”

Quad Damage

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Techniques: Deep Dream Generator

I have had an Instagram account for years now, and it has progressively become my social channel of choice, not s much to stay connected with my friends but rather as a personal photoblog, a place where I can capture these shots which really make a difference in terms of meaning or just pure aesthetics. Lately, I have been using it to also post my Quad Damage creations, and also to start following other sources of inspiration in the artistic space. Today, I thought I would do it the other way around, and feature some of my instagram shots in the Quad Damage website.

An instashot has a particular trait in my eyes, it overlays a strong semantic layer onto a reality snapshot. And that’s what i have done for months, focusing on capturing nature, in my neighbourhood or during my travels around the globe.

I have a thing for flowers and vegetation, that’s for sure …

For some time, I’ve been using the delightful Prisma app

Photo enrichment is usually achieved through FX and cropping, captioning, but lately I have been tapping into the next generation of visual FX, using machine learning and deep dreaming techniques. The 2 posts below have been generated from my iPhone using Deep Dream Generator, online.

For this particular image, I just shot a tree top on a foggy morning and then blended it with a Frankenstein shot …

119 - Instaquad